August 27, 2009

Hello Yellow

The other day whilst entertaining a dear friend our conversation, like so many others leads to our love of interiors and furniture. My friend was looking around at my bits and bobs and asked me what my affiliation with yellow was.

I wasn't quite prepared for this one and was a little stumped by her question! I really didn't think I had much yellow colour in my house. In actually fact I was struggling with colors for my interiors as living a transient life you never know where your next move will be to or what premises you will live in next.

So I took a look around my living area and I had to agree with her, there was definitely highlights of yellow scattered around, mainly in the Indonesian Contemporary Artwork that graces my walls and the odd nick nack collected from my asian travels.

I really didn't hadn't realized this before, so my response to her was I guess I am looking for the sunshine amongst the polluted skies of Jakarta!

So without further ado, here is a ray of sunshine for you! enjoy ....

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