March 10, 2010

Beach House Chic

My husband, Scott, have a favourite secret getaway place in Australia - Anna Spiro's beach house on Stradebroke Island. We love staying here, the island is small, quite and lined with stunning beaches that only reside in Queensland, Australia. 

The locals are truly down to earth, and very true blue, making anytime spent here truly peaceful and relaxing.
Anna's beach house is not only a chic reflection of straddie life, it is inspiring, comfortable, functional and just a true reflection of Anna's design style. It is beach house chic at its finest! 

So imagine my suprise when flicking through the latest Australian Woman's Weekly magazine, which I only ever buy when I am homesick, to come across an amazing 6 page spread of Anna's beach house! 

Congrats Anna, it fabulous!, as is your hospitality! Looking forward to our next stay. 

To see more of Anna's Chic Design Style, check out her blog - Absolutely Beautiful Things. I will post up some of my own phtos of Anna's Beach House when I return to my home in Jakarata.

 ... and now I am even more homesick! Bugger!!! 

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