May 24, 2010

The Perennial Pagoda

There is something about the Pagoda that gets my heart racing; perhaps because I currently reside in Asia, or is it my love of Asian history and maybe because I grew up listening to the many exotic tales from my Grandparents Asian travels. Or is it it's perennial symmetry or the fact it just always looks so elegant no matter what form it takes.

It’s religious and culture significance throughout Asia dates back as far as the 3rd century BC in India. In time the ‘Pagoda style’ spread throughout the rest of South East and Eastern Asia.

Construction was initially of wood and, as technology advanced Pagoda’s were soon built from brick then stone and later a combination of the two. Most pagodas were built to serve one religious purposes or another with the common religion being Buddhism.  It’s layering style with the very pointy finial on top, also housed many sacred relics and religious writings.

I can remember seeing my first pagoda in Pusan (now Busan), Korea, back in the mid 1990’s whilst travelling by sea throughout Asia. It was amazing and once inside the 360-degree view to the world outside was breath taking.

I marvel at the Pagoda’s architectural style, it’s symbolism and it’s many modern adaptations into furniture and décor pieces. Below are few ‘pagoda’ inspired interiors and décor images I found that have taken my breath away. Enjoy!

As you can see the possibilities with the modern take on the pagoda are simply endless ...

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